How To Keep Cockroaches Out Of My House In Oklahoma City

cockroach on a countertop

While you can argue that finding cockroaches in your Oklahoma City home is not a pleasant discovery for homeowners, it’s also one that’s relatively common. 

Cockroaches are one of the oldest, most adaptive, and resilient creatures globally. Because of their ability to survive under several harsh conditions, ranging from extreme tropical to arctic weather, a typical home is certainly survivable and even comfortable for these pests. Unfortunately, that can make it all the more difficult to eliminate them on your own without Oklahoma City pest control services.

Read on to learn how to distinguish between cockroaches and beetles and how cockroaches are harmful to human health. We also include information about the most effective cockroach control and how to keep cockroaches from returning to Oklahoma City.  

How To Tell The Difference Between Cockroaches And Beetles 

Cockroaches and beetles may resemble one another, but they have several differences. Here are some of the main distinctions:

  • Beetles fly, but most cockroaches don’t. Some species of cockroaches can fly, but most of them cannot, even though they’re winged. 
  • Beetles vary in color, but cockroaches don’t. Cockroaches are always reddish-brown or mahogany in color.  
  • Cockroaches’ wings are exposed, beetles’ are covered by a protective shield. If you can see wings poking out, it’s likely a roach. 

Ground beetles and June bugs are the breeds of beetles most mistaken for cockroaches.

How Cockroaches Are Harmful To Human Health

Cockroaches in Oklahoma City are harmful to human health both because they contaminate living spaces and surfaces with disease-causing pathogens, and because they contaminate food with bacteria, resulting in sickness. 

Cockroaches are such a complex problem because they are scavengers, meaning they’ll eat just about anything so long as it’s available to them. Cockroaches are attracted to grease, and thus they’re commonly seen in dumpster areas behind restaurants, apartment buildings and hotels, and other areas with considerable foot traffic. In the trash, cockroaches feed on rotting meat and decomposing food, but they’ll also feed on feces and roadkill. When they enter your home after feeding on these sources, they track bacteria into your house, which transfers to people via the food and surfaces they infest.

Cockroaches will also damage the integrity of your home. These pests cause a mess, leaving behind feces and urine, dirt, and grease markings on the walls. They can destroy everyday items, such as important documents, books, cardboard, wallpaper, and other paper products. They will also as they’ll also feed on these items. 

The Most Effective Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are more difficult pests to eradicate because they’re so resilient. Some cockroaches have even adapted resistance to some measures of treatment. Save yourself time, trouble, and stress by leaving the cockroach control and prevention up to Alpha Omega Pest Control. 

Alpha Omega Pest Control is a family-owned business founded with a mission to treat each customer as if they’re family. At Alpha Omega Pest Control, we recognize that no two infestations are alike and that a unique approach is needed to serve best each client—as well as their homes and families.

How To Keep Cockroaches From Coming Back In Oklahoma City 

The best preventative measure against cockroaches, aside from professional pest control services, is preventive action. Consider these three tips to keep cockroaches at bay:

  1. Repair all damage to the foundation and exterior-facing walls of your home, where cockroaches may be gaining entry.
  2. Properly seal and store trash in a closed, lidded can and regularly remove trash from the house. 
  3. Clean regularly, as cockroaches are attracted to dirt and filth, both as a source of food and a place to hide.

If you suspect that you may have a cockroach infestation or for help with other pests, contact Alpha Omega Pest Control today!