Do I Have To Be Concerned About Termites In Norman?

termites crawling on wood

Do I Have To Be Concerned About Termites In Norman?

There are countless insects all over the country, and some are only dominant in specific regions. Unfortunately, termites have an extensive presence across the country, and it is common for them to be in Norman, OK. No home or business is invincible against these insects; infestations can and will happen if you don't have suitable pest control in Norman. The effects can be staggering and long-term, and your property could be left vulnerable and in need of repairs. Even though termites consume wood around the clock, catching these pests in the act is more challenging than it is with others. Evidence of termite damage could take years to show.

Though it generally takes some time before signs of termites inside your house or business are apparent, you still need to know what they are, so you'll be able to take action right away. Learn more about these insects, how to deter them, and what Alpha Omega Pest Control can do to intervene. 

Signs Of Termite Activity In Norman

Termites are frequently mistaken for ants, but there are key differences. Colony workers in the city are usually a creamy white color and 1/8 of an inch long. If you were to see them, you'd find these insects consuming wood, but they will likely be out of sight behind foundations or in soil. The soldiers protecting workers are brownish with rectangular-shaped heads and big mandibles. Reproductive swarmers will buzz around your property, searching for a place to nest. They are dark and half an inch long. 

As these active termites in Norman thrive, the following will be noticeable:

  • Pieces of shed swarmer wings. 
  • Masses of fecal frass that resemble sawdust.
  • Holes, mud tubes, or maze patterns in wood.
  • Hollow-sounding walls.
  • Soft audible noises from inside foundations.
  • Stripping and ballooning paint. 
  • Loosening and fading drywall. 
  • Tiles cracking or freeing up.
  • Noisy and caving floorboards. 
  • Stuck doors and window frames.

When these signs surface, you must immediately move and seek professional termite help.

Damage Termites Cause In Norman

In the United States, termites create five billion dollars in damage to homes each year, and typical homeowners' insurance plans don't have any provisions for these issues. Sometimes people choose to sell their properties because it's simpler than trying to complete repairs. Ceilings and walls will have streaks and spots similar to water spoiling, and there might be a lot of inflated areas. Paneling, floors, and boards may look shredded or broken. With some pressure, foundations and bases may give in or seem shaky.

Termite Prevention Tips Everyone In Norman Can Try

Employ these tips to shield your home or business from termites:

  • Close-up openings around utility lines and foundations. 
  • Put screens on doors that face the outside. 
  • Promptly address moisture faults, such as leaking pipes. Prioritize vulnerabilities that are wetting the wood. 
  • Clean out gutters and vents. 
  • Eliminate decaying and impaired wood. 
  • Remove organic debris. 
  • Distance plants and wood stacks from the property. 
  • Keep wood pieces up off of the soil.
  • Routinely trim grass and greenery. 

Don't include store-bought termite treatments in your prevention practices. These products can be dangerous if misused, and you cannot reach nests deep in the dirt or in your foundations with these items, so the colony will continue to survive and grow beyond your reach.

Why You Should Leave Termite Control To The Professionals

Not only are retail goods for termites risky and ineffective for infestations, but they're also expensive. Don't waste your money; instead, take advantage of our affordable options at Alpha Omega Pest Control. We use Termidor products to protect any wooden structures in your home. Call us to schedule a termite inspection and get rid of termites for good.