Are The Mosquitoes In Oklahoma City Spreading Diseases?

mosquito biting a human

Most people know that mosquito survival is contingent on drinking blood. Since their bites aren’t painful, noticing them immediately isn’t likely. When you realize mosquitoes have gotten to you, you’ll already have itchy and red bumps. It’s challenging to manage these bugs because of their natural habitat. Pest control in Oklahoma City is the only means to get rid of mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes in Oklahoma City sip blood from humans and animals, which is how they transmit diseases. Subsequently, experts have deemed them the most dangerous insects on earth. Most independent ways to repel mosquitoes are faulty, so you must understand the proper methods. Learn more about this, their risks, and how Alpha Omega Pest Control can assist you.

What Happens To Your Blood In A Mosquito?

Enzymes are secreted in the gut of a mosquito after they’ve ingested your blood. This fluid makes proteins for use during procreation that break down later.

The term “mosquito'' translates to “little fly” because these pests are 0.12 to 0.35 of an inch long. It seems that mosquitos have features formed to represent extremes; their legs are thin, their noses are significantly large, and their wings are just as scaly as their bodies. As mentioned before, blood is key to egg production. Consequently, female mosquitoes will target you. Welts plump up on your skin because humans are allergic to the bug’s saliva. Water is a factor for breeding and endurance; the organisms are necessary for larvae. With all of this in mind, mosquitoes will meet near standing pools. If the greenery doesn’t invite the pests to your property due to nectar, a body of water will.

Structural crevices and open windows and doors are passageways for mosquitoes in Oklahoma City. Their settling spots will be in dark spaces, such as closets. Having surrounding sources of moisture, like in a basement or laundry room, would be even more ideal for them. You’re confronting an infestation if you continually have mosquito bites on your body or see the insects.

How Does A Mosquito Help Spread Viruses?

Mosquitoes can communicate illnesses after feeding on an infected person or animal. Once they nibble on their next target, there are risks involved.; given this, these pests won’t always jeopardize your health.

A few symptoms of diseases you can get from mosquitoes are: 

  • Zika Virus: Muscle pain, fever, and rash 
  • Yellow Fever: Kidney, liver, and heart complications
  • West Nile Virus: Fever and mild headaches  
  • Dengue: Fever, rashes, and nausea  
  • Chikungunya (incurable): Joint pain and fever 
  • Malaria: Sweating and chills

Be advised that these conditions aren’t all that mosquitoes can disperse.

Can You Repel Mosquitoes With Sound? 

As many people believe, ultrasound devices and high-frequency noises cannot repel mosquitoes. There isn’t overwhelming scientific evidence to back this idea.

What Is The Best Way To Deal With Mosquitoes?

Many people will spray organic ingredients, like basil or apple cider vinegar mingled with water,  around their property to address bugs. Home remedies to kill mosquitoes are just mildly helpful.

Successful ways to repel mosquitoes independently are:

  • Light candles that are made with essential oils.
  • Lay mosquito traps; clean them frequently.
  • Lessen standing water; drain swimming areas and dry pet drinking bowls.
  • Cut the grass and trim the greenery routinely. 
  • Flush your gutters often.

At Alpha Omega Pest Control, we can get rid of mosquitoes with industrial-grade treatments that are safe. You’ll be able to enjoy your lawn again if we provide services peacefully. To emphasize, home remedies to kill mosquitoes can’t stand up to our professional solutions. Please don’t waste your time or money on them. Call us today and be relieved of these bugs! Avoid diseases you can get from mosquitoes now!